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Do You Know A Veteran That Deserves A TYP?  

Email Us @ and we will send it to them or to you.

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Telephone Number 314-607-3637

Mailing Address: ThankU4YourService - 2619 Shannon Avenue, St Louis, MO 63136

ThankU4YourService is a Non Profit Corporation: N01369802                                                                       Everyday is Veteran's Day                                                                                                  Copyright 2012

We awarded 3,195 Thank You Packets World Wide in 2013!  Our goal is to double that in 2014!

Thank You for Supporting This Mission

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Our Mission is simple, to say "Thank You" to every veteran that we can.   Regardless of when they served, where they served or how they served.  

We believe that if you were man or woman enough to put on a uniform an American Flag on your shoulder and knowing that you may one day have to risk your life for this country and those whom you love, you deserve this.

Actually, you deserve more than this.  We wish it was in our power to do more.  Maybe one day we will.  Why? Because, you were willing to give it all and some have done just that.  Some went and the only thing that came back with were memories, they left the rest, including themselves on the battlefield.  We can go on and on about why.  Yet, we want you to know that you have not been forgotten.

Again, "Thank You For Your Service and Sacrifice You Are Appreciated,  Today and Always".

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How do we say 

"Thank You"?

We have designed a little packet that we like to call our Thank You Packets (TYP's) . The TYP consist of a Full Color Thank You Card, Envelope and something that most men and women still have in their possession, a Dog Tag (we call them Military Tags). 

We hand these out to veterans everyday and everywhere.  In person and through the mail, FREE of CHARGE to Veterans. So far we have manage to mail these around the world ourselves and with the help of men and women that identify veterans that they believe deserve them.

Would you like to contribute to our mission?  $5.00 will thank 3 veterans.  100% of the donations received go towards our mission.  Thanking Veterans, Everyday, Everywhere.

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