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It has been 3 years this month since we . I am very proud of the mission and must say that it would not have been possible with your support. I am eternally grateful to those individuals and groups that share in the mission of "Thanking Veterans, Everyday, Everywhere". We have surpassed the 8,000 mark of awarding TYPs (Thank You Packets) to veterans all over the world and this mission will continue everyday. There have been some challenges, yet, we have overcome many and will continue to drive on.

When I started this mission, many asked me, "How do you make money off of this?" The answer is "I don't". That is not what it was meant to do, the mission is a wholehearted mission to show appreciation and gratitude. My payday comes when I see a Veteran smile when we show appreciation, the great handshake of gratitude or the occasional hug when I hand a Veteran a TYP. On more than one occassion I have been told "No one has ever given me anything for my service." In my mind, this has to stop, we must do more for our men and women that have done so much and a mere Thank You Card and Dog Tag says and mean so much to the few that have been awarded a TYP.

So again, I say "Thank You" for your support of this mission and I say "Thank You" (with my hand over my heart) so supporting and appreciating Veterans Everyday, Everywhere!

Vernon "Longhorn" Davis 

The mission continues....We are now over 7,600 TYPs (Thank You Packets) awarded to Veterans. I have been awarding them at my shows and in my day to day life. I have been doing this over 2 years now and it still warms my heart when I veterans takes the tag and puts it around their neck and smile. As one female veteran told me, It's appreciated more than I will ever know.

I will be taking some with me to Quincy, Illinois tonight for my show there. I am sure there some Veterans that I have not thanked there.

Thank you for following this mission and thank you for caring.

Vernon E. Davis, II
Longhorn The Comedian

Thank a Veteran, Everyday, Everywhere! ‪#‎veterans‬ ‪#‎TU4YS‬

First of all, thank you for the love and support of this mission. I have tried almost everything we can to further the mission as far as media, Internet and fund raising, we even tried crowd funding 5 times to very little success. Yet I am are not giving up.

I still have a goal of thanking 10,000 veterans this year. So far we have only thanked a little over 1000 this year. So that put us at a little over 7400 since we started this mission.

There are time when I want to give up, but every time we thank a veteran and they thank me 3 times in the same conversation it makes it even more the work. Very handshake, hug or a thank you from a parent makes this mission worth it.

Maybe if I was a big named celebrity or national corporation I would have more support for this mission. Yet, I love and appreciate everyone that has supported this.

So, I will continue on, buying supplies as I can to continue the mission and just continue to pray for the ways and means to expand it. There are to many veterans that deserve a small token of appreciation. Today and Everyday.

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ThankU4YourService Mission Update: First and Foremost, I want to thank the new followers of our page and mission. Our Only Mission is to "Thank Veterans, Everyday, Everywhere." We have been doing this since November 2012. Since the inception of our mission we have thanked over 7,200 Veterans world wide.

We don't buy clothes, food or provide homes for our heroes. Admittedly it would be wonderful if we were able to those things. There are many wonderful organizations out there that are doing a great job at doing these things. Saying thank you to our veterans is our unique niche', this is what we do best. We found a way to put something in the hands of our Veterans that will remind them that they are appreciated.

It has been more than a blessing to be able to do what we do. Our mission is primarily funded by the founder of , Vernon E. Davis, II / Longhorn The Comedian (me).80% of the funds that go into our mission come from his own funds, the other 20% is provided through donations from individuals and organization that share the same love for our veterans and believe in our mission. You can check out our web page to learn more about what we do and how we do it.

So, again, thank you for following us and our progress. I pray that you will continue to do such and even spread the word about our mission.

Please, don't forget to "Thank A Veteran, Everyday, Everywhere"





Last night I got a telephone call from another comedian asking if I would be available to do a show MLK Weekend for a group of Veterans. He too is a Veteran, but he was already booked for the weekend. Fortunately, I am available. He had the person contact me today with the information.

Turns out I will be performing here in St Louis, less than 3 miles from my house for about 200 - 300 veterans at an awards dinner Sunday, January 18. This is a great opportunity for me to perform for Veterans and at the same time provide Thank You Packets.

To show you how great things come in 3's, I also got 1000 Thank You Cards, Envelopes and Military Tags today. So, I guess you can say that they are right on time. I am providing 300 to this group Sunday, 300 to the Veterans of Fishing for Freedom, Quincy, 300 to another Missouri Veterans Home for their residents that they take care of.

So far, it looks like it's gonna be a great year for ThankU4YourService

Keep us in your prayers and remember to "Thank a Veterans, Today and Everyday".

Vernon E. Davis, II / Longhorn The Comedian

ThankU4YourService Year in Review

2014 has been a great year for our mission.  We are honored and grateful for those that have kept our mission in their prayers, their support and the donations that we received this year to keep this mission going.  This is indeed a mission/project of love and appreciation for the men and women that have served this country in uniform, past and present.

As we closeout 2014, I am happy to report that we have awarded over 6,800 TYPs to veterans all over the country and abroad since November 2012 (inception of missio).  We are very proud of this accomplishment and strive to do more in 2015.  Actually our goal in 2015 is to award over 10,000 in the year.  It is a hefty goal, yet, we do believe it is obtainable. 

Honest confession.  Yes, there are times when we look at the mission and feel as if it is an uphill battle, considering all that is involved in the cost, production and delivery of the TYPs to our veterans, at times it has been a rather daunting task.  Yet, when we receive a letter from someone that we have never met thanking us for the TYP that was awarded to them by a family member, friend or associate  or someone will thank us in person for not forgetting about the veterans and at least attempting to show some appreciation, this makes the mission even that much worth it.  Honestly, if we can brighten one veteran’s day or make them feel that they are not alone makes this mission even better and gives us the fuel to continue down range in our pursuit to “Thank a Veteran, Everyday, Everywhere”

We do want to mention several groups that have been instrumental in helping us accomplish what we have in 2014, honestly, their help has been priceless and has allowed us to reach veterans that we never would have been able to reach. 

Fishing for Freedom – Quincy, Illinois

Mid-America Veterans Salute – Quincy, Illinois

American Legion Auxiliary Post #234 – Valdese, North Carolina

Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary Unit 84 – Granite Falls, North Carolina

Vietnam Veterans of America, Mid-Rivers Chapter 458 – St Peters, Missouri

Vietnam Veterans of America – Florissant, Missouri

Private individuals that donated to our mission and help award them to veterans that we would have never been able to reach.

We were able to complete 2 special tasks that have been on the top of our task list since we started this mission.  We were able to award TYPs to the Veterans of the Missouri Veterans Home in Bellefontaine, Missouri (350) and the Veterans of the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy, Illinois (450).   Making this happen was indeed a proud moment for our mission.  Due to the way our mission is funded we had not had that many TYPs available at one time to be able to provide that many TYPs to one group, let alone 2 groups in the same month. For this we are grateful.

Going forward, we will maintain our commitment to those that donate, help, share, award TYPs and keep our mission in their prayers.  100% of the donations that we receive will always go towards doing what we set out to do….Thanking Veterans, Everyday, Everywhere. 

God Bless You, This Country and Our Veterans

Vernon E. Davis, II

Founder – 

Guilty Confession....When I award a Veteran a TYP, most of the time, I just hand it to them, say "Thank You For Your Service" and walk away. Yet, during the day, I award them to veterans that come into my day job. I then get to enjoy a guilty pleasure. I hand them the TYP and ask them to open it. It is amazing to see the smiles on their face when they open it and see the Dog Tag fall out in their hand. They don't know which to do first, read the card or read the tag. Yet, the bonus part is watching the smiles on their faces, the added bonus is watching them put the tag on and walk out of the door with it on and smiling. It makes this mission worthwhile. Thanking Veterans, Everyday, Everywhere #thanku4yourservice #veterans
Here in the next couple of weeks, I get to accomplish a goal. I am going to take part of the money I earn and all the money that is donated this weekend and order Thank You Packets to award the veterans at the Missouri Veterans Home here in North County and the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy, I am hoping that I will be able to award TYPs to the Honor Flight Organizations that are withing 200 miles of me for their Honorees as well. I would say that I am paying it forward, but I like to look at it as Praying It Forward.ThankU4YourService Our Only Mission....Thanking Veterans Everyday, Everywhere. #veterans #thanku4yourservice #longhorncomedy #nonprofit
This past weekend I performed at a American Legion in New Harmony, Indiana. Yep, we presented TYP's to the members. I gave one to the Post Commander "Einstein", before I performed. He opened the TYP, read the card and the tag, smiled, hugged me, called me Brother and told he liked me already. He then pointed out all the veterans that were in the building so that I could award them TYPs as well. Great Feeling.

I was only able to award 1 in Evansville to a gentleman that was setting in the front row of the show. Yet, his appreciation was very well received. 

We are now over 4,350 in TYPs awarded to veterans. This mission will continue, through the grace of God. I have shows coming up, for the next 3 weekends and we will be awarding them at these events. I will be in Quincy for the Tee-Off Fore Veterans and in Hunstville, Alabama for a Military Show that will be primarily veterans as well, so I am hoping to finish off this set of TYPs. This will put us over the 4,500 mark. 

Thank you for your support, love and prayers. Don't forget to Thank a Veteran, Today and Everyday. #thanku4yourservice #veterans #longhornthecomedian
This weekend I performed at a an American Legion and a VFW. I took TYPs with me and shared them with the members that were there for the shows. At the show I did in Carlyle , I met a woman that was a Desert Storm Veteran. I awarded her a TYP and went into the showroom to do my part of the show. She came and found me, thanked me profusely and told me she loved me for what we are doing. Then she hugged me 3 times, gave a kiss on the cheek and insisted that I have a shot with her and the bartender. Moments like that, make this mission worth it. 

I am saving part of this order and part of the next order so that I can do something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I want to take 350 TYPs to my local Missouri Veterans Home and award them to the Veterans that are there. Unfortunately, I have not found a corporate or organizational sponsor yet to help make this happen, so we have to do it a little at a time.

I am also saving some of the tags for my trip to Quincy for the Tee-Off FORE Veterans event with Dave Ulrich, October 4 and for the Veterans that come to the big show October 3. 

Keep our mission in your prayers and check out the 

Don't forget to Thank a Veteran, Everyday, Everywhere!!! 
God Bless You!